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Service Description

Microbotox is an aesthetic medicine treatment that involves injecting small doses of botulinum toxin. Unlike "traditional" Botox, which is injected at the muscle level, Microbotox offers more dilute and superficial injections. Microbotox can be applied by the doctor in variable doses depending on the skin blemish to be treated. In this way, Microbotox softens the finest wrinkles without paralysing the face, allowing the face and neck to be rejuvenated in an absolutely natural and radiant way. The treatment is ideal for anyone looking to improve skin quality, plagued by oily skin or acne or even excessive sweating. Similar to traditional Botox, the results of Microbotox treatments are not permanent and last around 4-6 months. Microbotox does not preclude the traditional use of botulinum toxin, on the contrary, treatment with botulinum toxin in traditional dilution can be used in combination to maximise results.

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