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With over 30 years experience,
MF Aesthetic has a reputation for excellence in Zurich,Swiss and Italy.

Our ethics

The MF Aesthetic practice is the place where patients feel comfortable, as the best treatments are offered through experienced hands and the latest technologies. We accompany our patients on the path that highlights beauty with natural results, without changing proportions and giving the face and body the right proportions.

We offer a safe and confidential environment. Our excellence treatments are certified and carried out according to precise standards. Find out how we can help you, we are always available for your questions and information.

Cosmetic surgery has become increasingly commercialised.  We will never try to sell you a comsetic procedure. A large number of our patients come to us through recommendations from friends or family or are referred by their general practitioners. We hold the view that patients will continue to seek our advice if we continue to provide high quality care.

Our team

Dr. med. (I) Mario Fiorese

FMH Specialist in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery

Dr. med. Mario Fiorese, an expert in surgery and aesthetic medicine for 25 years.

Always in association with a great enthusiasm for art and science in aesthetic surgery.

Lecturer at La Sapienza University in Rome, pioneer of new techniques with the aim of providing patients with safe and high quality procedures for a harmonious and natural look.

claudia e mario-20.jpg

Dr. Claudia Gizzi

Permanent Make Up Artist

Dr. Claudia Gizzi, has been working as an assistant doctor in a team with Prof. Dr. med. Mario Fiorese. She graduated from the University of Rome in Neurophisiological Diagnostics and Podiatry.

After completing her studies, she specialized in face diagnostics and as a professional make-up artist. At the same time, she has made a name for herself as a make-up artist with special training in the art of permanent make-up at the highest level.

Dr. Claudia Gizzi uses these methods for the well-being of MF Aesthetic patients.

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