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Our Procedures


Facial Plastic Surgery

Explore our Facial Plastic Surgery procedures including:
Liposculpture, Facelift, Nose job, Brow lift, Eyelid surgery, Chin/Cheek, Ear correction.


Cosmetic Breast Surgery

Explore our Breast Plastic Surgery procedures including:
Breast augmentation, Revision breast implants, Breast reduction, Breast uplift and Gynecomastia Surgery.


Body Contouring

Explore our Body Contouring procedures including:
Liposuction, Tummy tuck, Post pregnancy, Post weight loss, Arm reduction.

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Minor Skin Surgery

Explore our Minor Skin Surgery procedures including:
Skin rejuvenation, Benign skin lesions, Skin cancer.

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Non Surgical

Explore our Non Surgical procedures including:
Facial fillers, Anti-wrinkle treatment.

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Permanent Make-up & Brows Styling

Microblading, Powder Brows, Lip blush, eyeliner, Brows Lamination, Brows Henna

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