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Breast Implants

A Breast Augmentation is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery procedures. 


Breast Augmentation is chosen by women who desire larger breasts, those who wish to correct a size discrepancy between the breasts or to replace breast tissue lost after pregnancy/weight loss. Breast enlargement surgery or breast augmentation can be achieved using silicone breast implants or through injection of a client’s own fat. In some cases, implants can also be used after a mastectomy to restore the breast. We use both round and teardrop-shaped breast implants, depending on the type of look you want from your breast augmentation. Your surgeon will discuss the options with you and will recommend the most appropriate type and size for your physique.

The discussion surrounding breast implants can be complicated as there are many factors to consider. At your initial consultation, will we discuss what your concerns are and what you are aiming to achieve. We will help guide you to choose the most suitable size of breast implant that matches your wishes, but more importantly, matches your pre-existing chest and breast tissue.


See real results from previous MF Aesthetic patients to help you in you along in your decision-making process. 

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